Why do Fighters Wear MMA Board Shorts?

Mixed Martial Art (MMA) is gaining increasing popularity. Recently, it has been one of the most famous combat sports. More and more people are tending to this sport not only for fitness but also for self-defense purposes.

In this combat sport, choosing the right training gear, like MMA board shorts, determines your density. Remember that the grappling and striking techniques from various combat sports are included in MMA. Therefore, fighters need to use specifically designed apparel for this purpose. It is why fighters wear custom MMA board shorts, specially designed to provide protection and comfort to fighters.
Manufacturers use the latest technology and material to make these shorts for MMA fighters, an essential part of MMA apparel. These shorts provide comfort and unrestricted fighter movement during training and fighting. Below are some reasons why fighters prefer to wear MMA shorts. Before going into detail, you must understand what board shorts are.

MMA Board Shorts:

They are not only training gear but also a symbol of the fighting style of the fighter. They are designed to support soldiers in making their moves during training MMA with ease and perfection. Moreover, MMA board shorts are the longest of the bunch, lying right around the knee. These shorts are designed to inspire the traditional board shorts used in surfing.
They are often made with a thicker fabric than other MMA shorts. The extra fabric of custom MMA board shorts also gives more coverage which most fighters prefer. Fighters will be less likely to get a rash right above the knee, whereas most fighters try to hit kicks. The board shorts not only improve the fighter’s training quality but also keep them safe. Without further ado, here are some reasons MMA fighters wear board shorts.
Provide Comfort:
There is no secret that board shorts are super comfortable to be in. It is because MMA board shorts are made with superior quality material and tends to be comfortable, flexible, and provide more range of movement. Additionally, they are made from polyester, which makes them breathable and helps fighters to say cool and dry during training and fighting. It is important because MMA fighters don’t want to wear clothing that weighs them down or causes them to overheat.

Give Freedom of Movement:

It is one of the most important reasons fighters wear custom MMA board shorts. It is important that when you kick during training and fighting, your shorts should stretch well. Fortunately, board shorts allow you to kick without any restriction of movement. The slits on the sides of the MMA board short help you kick freely because the position of the slits matters a lot. In addition to this, the aggressive slit type works the best. They help you show better training performance during MMA training.
For instance, basketball shorts don’t have slits. Therefore, basketball players can’t kick or move properly while wearing them. Instead, it would help if you kicked more often than and as high as possible in MMA. So, if your shorts don’t provide enough freedom, you may even hurt yourself or lose the game.
Additionally, wearing basketball shorts during MMA training will show way worse training performance than expected. They are made from great quality stretchable material. It allows you to move your legs without any restriction.

Light in Weight:

Board shorts for MMA fighters are made with high-quality, lightweight material. So, once you wear them, nothing is on you considering other types of shorts. You can move very fast when you are wearing MMA board shorts. Additionally, when you do the groundwork like MMA training, friction will occur between your skin and MMA shorts.
The material of the short board is perfect for decreasing its impact. As mentioned in the article, MMA shorts are designed for grappling movements. The high-quality material provides your freedom to implement them comfortably. Thus, if you have not worn custom MMA board shorts before, you will perform much better as soon as you wear them.
Groin Area:
Board shorts for MMA fighters have a little extra room than the usual groin area. Since you need to wear MMA cups that will move during the practice session, the material around this area of MMA board shorts also stretches well. It will give your cup space to move while wearing board shorts. These shorts can provide you with more extra room without being baggy. Therefore, it keeps your training quality and looks good.
Fit on Waist:
It looks unpleasant that your short drop down to your knees when you grapple your opponent on the ground. It is one of the major reasons fighters wear MMA board shorts. They come with an elastic waistband. This feature ensures the board shorts fit tightly yet comfortably around the waist. In addition to this, it won’t come off regardless of the fighting position or situation.

Give Plenty of Durabilities:

You will do many things, including kick, punch, grabble, and groundwork during training and fighting. The MMA board shorts are specially designed, keeping all these in mind. However, wearing other types of shorts can start being baggy even after the first session. Instead, custom MMA board shorts are made from high-quality material that you can expect for more than two years. The best thing is that you don’t need to break the bank for a quality board short. Fortunately, many board shorts are available that have high quality at affordable rates.
Didn’t Hurt your Opponent:
It is another big reason that you must prefer to wear MMA board shorts. Some types of shorts have various flexibilities that can hurt your opponent. These metal objects on your shorts can get caught up on the mat. They can also rip into your opponent’s flesh as you grapple and roll around. Instead, custom MMA board shorts don’t have zippers, metal loops, or any other dangerous bits on them that possibly hurt your opponent.


Shorts are the most important part of clothing for an MMA fighter. Therefore, they prefer shorts that are not only comfortable but also durable. It is why most MMA fighters prefer to wear MMA board shorts. They are perfect for ideal movement whether it is what you are doing. Additionally, they are durable enough to put up with the punishment of even the most brutal fighting. Not only do custom MMA board shorts provide the flexibility that you need during the session, but they also give great comfort.

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