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Can You be a Short UFC Fighter?

Physical attributes such as height or long reach play a huge role in combat sports like boxing, where size does matter. The majority of combat sports classify fighters into different classes based on their weight, height, and reach can vary massively with these categories. They wear special shorts that you can buy from the MMA shorts sale. However, height may not be the most important indicator of strength, but it has plenty of influence on how fighters engage each other. 

It is also closely connected to the two most important indexes, reach and ape, that can influence the outcome of UFC matches. UFC is the most versatile combat sport where physical attributes are less important than other combat sports. Longer reach makes it easy for UFC fighters to land strikes on their opponents. It also makes it difficult for the opponent to land strikes back.

Additionally, it is easy for taller UFC fighters to land hits from outside of range and also work their way inside. On the other hand, short UFC fighter are disadvantaged due to the absence of height and reach. Therefore, they must work inside to become capable of landing strikes on their opponent. It doesn’t mean you can’t be a UFC fighter if you are short. Many UFC fighters are short in height but have great fighting styles and techniques that make them the best on the court. 

Quick Stats about Heights of UFC Fighters:

There is plenty of variation in the height band reach of UFC fighters. You can get the best shorts for fighting from the MMA shorts sale. However, the average height of UFC fighters is shorter and has a shorter reach than other traditional combat sports players. It is likely because short UFC fighters can grapple with their opponent. The shorter stature gives them a benefit in this area. These fighters also tend to be lighter than their martial arts and boxing arts counterparts, as they can move quickly and explosively during the fight. 

Best Height for UFC Fighters:

It is a challenging question since the UFC champions come in all shapes and sizes. A legendary fighter stands at 6’5 tall with solid muscles and 265 lbs weight. On the other hand, there is also a short UFC fighter who stands at only 5’9 with a chubby body. This height is incredibly short for a UFC fighter, and most people expect someone with this height and weight to gas out within the first few rounds of the fight, but that was not the case for this genetic freak. 

Besides carrying much excess weight, the fighter retained his speed and cardio in the heavyweight division. In addition to this, the MMA shorts sale is the best place to buy UFC shorts. The physical attributes of a UFC fighter joined with his impeccable fighting skills. This example shows that it is reasonable to assume that no specific height is perfect for UFC fighters. However, the talk about the height of a UFC fighter is complete with talking about their respective weight class. 


Weight Class of UFC Fighter:

Before state sanctioning and the involvement of the athletic commissions, weight classes were not mandatory in staging mixed martial arts fights. The UFC introduced weight cases. In addition, there are 9 weight classes in the UFC. It will include Flyweight, Featherweight, and Bantamweight for both men and women UFC fighters, and Strawweight is only for women fighters. On the other hand, a few classes specifically for men include Lightweight, Welterweight, Middleweight, Light heavyweight, and Heavyweight. 

Despite that, the best shorts for UFC fighters are available at MMA shorts sale. The weight class helps to keep the fight fairer between competitors. UFC fighters usually train to compete in a particular weight class, but sometimes, they challenge different weight classes if they have a good reason to do it. Over the years, UFC weight classes have undergone lots of changes. Ideally, promotions were allowed to decide the weight classes of UFC fighters independently. Almost every promotion and state commission has adopted unified rules for UFC fighters. 

Relationship between Height and Weight Class:

There is no doubt that height plays a role in how fighters engage each other. However, the real effect may be negligible, but you need to acknowledge that height can influence the fighter’s techniques. The best quality UFC shorts are available at the MMA shorts sale. The relationship between the height and the weight classes of UFC fighters is another important topic. The fact is that there is a direct relationship between both. It doesn’t mean a taller UFC fighter will weigh heavier than a short UFC fighter. Although it can be the case in many instances, there are always exceptions.

Impact of Height on Success:

A UFC fighter who most efficiently uses their resources and the environment means the surroundings and the opponent with their skill set wins the fight. In addition, for the best fight, how they win is not relevant. The advantage will go to the fighter who controls the range. The taller fighter can land from a distance. On the other hand, if the short UFC fighter can stay inside his range, it will likely be much quicker to land. You can buy UFC shorts from the MMA shorts sale.

Additionally, his opponent’s strike will need more time to develop momentum and may land awkwardly. It can also be much easier for the short UFC fighter to change double and single legs levels. It shows that the height of the UFC fighter doesn’t determine the success or lack of it. 

Several UFC fighters are as tall as the average fighter in their weight classes. On the flip side, there are also many shorter UFC fighters. Undeniably, UFC fighters with longer reach and height have a better advantage of landing a strike. It doesn’t automatically make them better UFC fighters. It is because they can do plenty of damage once they find a way to pass from the range to fire shorts of long legs. It is why UFC fighters need to deeply understand how to use their height and reach their goal even with the longer reach.


Height is not a reliable attribute for a UFC fight. Therefore, organisers use weight to allocate UFC fighters into proper divisions. That’s why height is linked to weight class. To become a short UFC fighter, you must buy high-quality shorts at the MMA shorts sale. While height offers a rich benefit in lots of instances. It doesn’t necessarily determine the outcome of the fight.

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